Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

As a state-of-the-art dental restorative procedure, dental implantation surgery relies on the use of a titanium fixture to replace the root of a lost natural tooth. Titanium is the most compatible with the human body, allowing it to fuse with the jawbone for a permanent restoration of the lost tooth.

Here at the dental office of dentist Dr. Anthony Marchionno in Greensburg and Johnstown PA, we use dental implants for restoring lost teeth and bringing back full smiles. But why dental implants? Here are solid reasons to consider dental implants over other equally effective treatments.

Closest to Natural Teeth

The dental implant procedure is the closest you can get to natural teeth. Just like your natural teeth that have roots anchored in the jawbone to secure the teeth, the same goes with dental implants. The titanium post serves as the tooth root and stimulates the jawbone to prevent it from decaying. This is attributed to the unique quality of titanium to fuse with the living bone.

It takes only a few months for the fusing with the bone to be completed. At this point, the dental implants will feel more natural in your mouth. Capped with a dental crown, the implant is visually indistinguishable from the natural teeth in your mouth. This translates to the complete restoration of all your mouth functions including speaking, smiling, and eating. Just talk to your Greensburg PA Dentist about getting this process started!

Conveniently Comfortable

Dental implants remain a popular choice and highly recommended because it is both comfortable and convenient. The moment that the implant and crown are installed, you just need to wait for everything to heal and your oral functions will be as good as new in no time. It doesn’t even take that many visits to your Greensburg PA Dentist. And of course, since it’s permanent, you don’t have to worry about anything suddenly popping out of your mouth.

Solid Protection

Dental implants likewise protect your jawbone and your face. There are many health issues associated with tooth loss and the deterioration of the bones in the jaw and face are just one of them. When this happens, it could lead to more tooth loss or make your face look like it has collapsed due to the weakness of the bones. Dental implantation surgery is the only restorative procedure that will prevent bone loss by stimulating jawbone growth.

Easy Care

Implants are as natural as they can get, even in the way you care for them. This is because you care for your implants the same way that you care for your natural teeth. This means practicing good oral hygiene habits. No soaking or special cleaning materials needed. Also keep up with your regular Greensburg PA Dentist visits because although dental implants last a lifetime, getting gum disease can cause problems.

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